Atheist Cartoons - Easter collection

dog’s lovin’ it

the other meaning of easter

the new t-shirt

if jesus had died 20 years ago...

picky, picky, picky

the compassionate kid

the primitive

N.B.: The cartoons have been published by AtheistCartoons.com, and I had them linked from there. For some time, that server is no longer accessible; I've managed to find the images on the net, so I've copied them here. 

h/t Adam for bringing the issue to my attention.


Janna A. Kepley said...

Those are all great. The Pope one had me laughing out loud!

Adam Jones said...

I can't see ANY of these images. :/ Censorship perhaps?

Krrypton said...

Thanks Adam. I've taken care of the problem.... after a fashion.

Seems like the site where the images were from (AtheistCartoons.com) is offline. No idea what happened (could be a webserver or nameserver issue), but I hope they'll be back sooner rather than later.

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